Is #Pelosi’s MASSIVE unpopularity the best thing ever for Democrats? If so, can #Trump be the new Pelosi?

So the much talked-about much-blogged much-hyped Pennsylvania congressional election poses an interesting question: is the fact that Pelosi is reviled by middle America more than a school shooter in a turban carrying a mixed-race gay-adopted child in a papoose while sipping a Chai Latte actually an asset for Democrats running in conservative districts?

By following the Conor Lamb strategy of roundly rejecting Pelosi AND Trump, he effectively positioned himself as an independent. Which is political gold / heroin / Kryptonite in the current climate. If Pelosi was replaced by a politician more acceptable to mainstream voters, would this positioning would be harder to pull off?

Given the semi-sort-of proven success of this strategy (it is one isolated election, so we aren’t exactly swimming in provable data) could GOP members of congress struggling to hang onto their tiny congressional office under the stairs and 15 minutes walk away from the nearest broken coffee machine, give it try and reject both Trump and Pelosi going forward? It might be harder for GOP desperadoes to reject a sitting president that they may have endorsed fairly recently, but house elections are funny, brutal things, so it might work. Maybe. Perhaps.

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