Police have killed 136 unarmed black Americans in 2014. ISIS have killed 3. #ISIS #ferguson #every28hours #blacklivesmatter


Armed crazies who aren’t members of ISIS at work?

According to Wikipedia (I think in this case we can use them as a reliable source) a total of 3 Americans were killed by ISIS in 2014. To quote from the rather disturbing ISIS Wiki page “an unknown number of Syrians, several Lebanese soldiers, at least 10 Kurds, two American journalists, one American and two British aid workers, have been beheaded by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in 2014″

The very reliable non-partisan group Politifact investigated the incendiary claims around the shooting of black Americans by police and found that 313 black Americans had been shot by the police, of which 136 had been unarmed.

That’s 40 times more Americans than ISIS have killed. Even if a large proportion (unproved) of the victims were criminals, that still means that the police are a hugely more dangerous force than ISIS if you are a black American.

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