In surprise revelation, woman in Alaska reveals she was NOT raped by Bill Cosby. Is possible there may be others who also weren’t assaulted by Cosby

The woman who has remained anonymous dramatically revealed yesterday that she WAS NOT drugged and assaulted by the famous comedian.

In the light of this surprising revelation by the woman (aged 95) it is suspected that there may possibly be other women in the US who were not assaulted by Cosby. Although it is suspected that this group will be few in number.

The press were shocked to find out that  Cosby had never drugged and assaulted the woman. Experts in the media speculated that the reason Cosby had never used high dosages of prescription pharmaceuticals to render the woman unconscious and then assault her, was because she lived in a very remote region of Alaska accessible only by sea plane and then a two day journey by dog sled.

Officer Dwayne Mattison of the Anchourage Serious Crimes Unit said that “It’s very surprising indeed that Cosby in no way at all assaulted” the woman, adding that “if she had not lived alone on a remote island in the icy Barent Sea” it is “pretty certain he would have got to her”

A co-star of Cosby who only spoke on the condition of anonymity said that during the late 70’s and the 80’s Cosby was devoting so much time to sexually assaulting women (and in one incident a group of farm animals) that it impacted severely on his ability to work. The man stated that “Bill was devoting so much time to assaulting women that he didn’t really have time to come to work. We had to use a stand-in for many episodes of the Cosby Show…I think he came to work about six times between 1981 and early 1982” a former personal assistant to the legendary comedian revealed that Cosby’s attempt to sexually assault “every woman in the continental United States, English-speaking Europe and parts of Guatamala” had left the star physically exhausted, and that he had to use huge doses of Vitamin B12 to cope physically with the task”

Prosecuters in Los Angeles stayed to the press last week that Cosby is unlikely to face charges for the assaults, because he is “really really famous”

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