Fox News reveals that ISIS & Obama-care is behind Ferguson rioting!


Fox News say this “may” be a picture of ISIS fighters preparing to attack the police in Missouri. Fortunately the Ferguson police are more heavily armed than the US Army is. In an exclusive story, Fox News today revealed that ISIS may be behind the rioting in Ferguson.

The compelling evidence of ISIS involvement was uncovered by the Fox investigative news team. They said that proof of ISIS involvement in the unrest was the fact that one of the rioters was named Jamal which was “clearly an Arab sounding name”

Senator John McCain said that this proof of ISIS activity in the heart of Missouri was “further evidence of the failure of Obama’s foreign policy” and showed that “Obama’s reluctance to deploy at least 100 000 to 200 000 ground troops in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and to bomb China for repeated infringement of trade agreements” had shown “the world that America is weak” and encouraged ISIS to attack the US in the mid-west where it would least expect.

The in-coming Republican senator Joni Ernst said that the implementation of the ACA or “Obama-care” could also be behind the violence in Missouri, saying to the press that “it’s pretty obvious. If people have health coverage they know that if they get shot by the police they can now get medical attention. This will clearly encourage them to get into confrontations with the police…if they don’t have health coverage they know that there’s a good chance they will bleed to death in the street if they get injured by the police, and thus will be less likely to riot & get into skirmishes with law enforcement officials…health coverage provided by Obama and Harry Reid is thus directly responsible for the violence in Missouri.”

A spokesman for the Koch Institute provided further evidence that Barak Obama is personally responsible for the unrest in Ferguson and surrounding areas. He said “the facts are clear: if a person is at work, then they aren’t rioting…thus the way to prevent violence is to have a compulsory 18 hour working day and for employees to receive NO leave or holidays of any kind. Except on Sundays between 9:00 am and 10:30 am so that they can attend church…on the downside this will somewhat increase corporate profits, but research by numerous economists shows that this money will naturally trickle down to the working class as billionaires like us pay members of the working class to give us lap dances in strip clubs and sometimes perform fellatio in the parking lot area adjacent to our church”

The Whitehouse has yet to respond to these hard hitting revelations made by the Fox News team.

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