An idiots guide to how the Obama-care Supreme Court thing works – If you have a GOP Gov you won’t get subsidies


Justice Roberts thinking about his super special camping trip with Mitch McConnell and feeling happy deep, deep inside…

Okay so I’ve finally figured out how this insanity works. Paul Krugman had to explain it to me personally…and by that I mean I read his column…basically when the ACA legislation was written the lawyers who drafted it made a tiny error.

Way down in the fine print on page 234 in section C sub-section 177b…oaky I made that up…the law says people qualify for tax credits to help pay insurance premiums when they buy a plan on an exchange “established by the state.”

However many states use the federal exchange. There are different reasons for this. Some states did so because they were small and figured they couldn’t afford to build their own. Other states were run by bat-shit crazy, gun-wielding lunatics who have verses from the Book of Revelations tattooed on their private parts, and just refused to take part in anything to do with the ACA. Or anything to do with responsible government. Apart from bombing people which, as we know is awesome and ordained by God.

The right-wing rabble who are taking the case to the supreme court are hoping the court will use the above sloppy wording to cut off federal funding for states who HAVEN’T established their own exchange. Even though this isn’t the intention of the bill. It’s the equivalent of claiming that because there was a typo in the contract, you friend has actually bought your CAT and not your CAR for $20 000.

Anyway, IF the weirdos who handle snakes in church manage to convince judges Kennedy & Roberts (the only two who matter) that the legal voodoo above isn’t legal voodoo, states with Dem governors will probably escape the chop, because they will establish state exchanges to replace the federal one.

Ones with GOP governors probably won’t though. And the working class Americans who live their will lose the subsidies that funds their health insurance.

Some of those people will not be able to afford health cover as a result.

And some of those people will die.

So if you have a GOP governor you are deep shit.

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