A few reasons why losing the #Senate could be a good thing #Obama #congress #election #hysterical crying


Harry Reid being sad

1) The President can now put aggressive immigration reform bills to congress. Until now he’s been hamstrung by the need to try and protect (shit, that went well) vulnerable Dem senators in swing states. Being seen to aggressively pursue immigration reform will solidify Dem support in Hispanic communities and will force the GOP to nuke it in public, showing Hispanics that the GOP (and especially congress, yes that’s your gang Mr B) actually kinda hates them and wishes they would pack up their tacos and go home…

2) Some of the new GOP senators are unexpectedly right wing (that’s you Ms Iowa) and now that they are safely elected they will forget the moderate positions they took to get elected and go back to howling about how abortion is genocide and any woman who has one should be tried by International Human Rights Court in the Hague, and then stoned by a mob of the righteous. This will erode support among women.

3) The GOP will now make the mistake that ALL political parties make when they win. They will decide that voters are changing and growing to love them. That they have changed the electorate’s mind. This is always untrue. The electorate doesn’t change it’s mind. Parties change their message to appeal to voters, and the one that does that best wins. This will tempt an emboldened GOP to assume ever more conservative views, dragging them away from the mainstream where the independent voters are.

4) It is now more likely that the Democrats will win the Whitehouse. Losing it would mean that all three branches of gov’t would be held by the GOP. I don’t think America is ready for that. Especially as the GOP will likely (for the reasons above) be moving to the right in terms of messaging. Guns!!!! Yeah!!!! Drone strikes on abortion clinics!!! Yeah!!! Women should cover their heads, dress modestly and not be allowed to vote in any election except in cookery contests at local fairs…

5) In two years time, as we know, the electoral map will favour the Democrats HUGELY. This should mean that in two years time America will have a Democratic Senate and President.

6) Nothing at all will happen in terms of legislation in the next two years. That’s a long long fucking time to do nothing. A total lack of effective government will anger voters. And historically voters have always blamed congress more than the president when the government grinds to a halt. And both houses of Congress are GOP held. And the whole of goddamn America hates congress already. More than they hate the devil, vegetables and botched boob jobs…

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