Is Kurdistan a better ally for the US than Israel?

imagesThe Yazidis are hiding on an inhospitable and obscure mountain. Starving and de-hydrated. Surrounded by religious fanatics determined to kill them. Or convert them. Or turn them into farm animals or something.

The liberal democracies attempt to rescue them. But the main work of rescuing these poor god-forsaken (literally) people falls to just one of the liberal democracies taking part in this rescue effort: the Kurds.

While neither religiously or ethnically especially close to the Yazidis, the Kurds used soldiers and resources they could ill-afford to withdraw from the front lines, to rescue a persecuted minority.


Because the protection of a religious minority was something they cared passionately about.

In Turkish Kurdistan women’s rights are so important that every Kurdish town has two mayors. One is male and the other female, to emphasize that women are the equal of men and to ensure that women’s rights are respected. Yes, that is a muslim political party making a stand for women’s rights.

Perhaps not all these western liberal characteristics are as pure.

Kurdistan has also embraced the western love of shopping malls enthusiastically. Gleaming white malls are shooting up courtesy of oil revenues.

Democratically elected government, respect for women’s rights, protection of minorities and rampant air-conditioned materialism – It’s the liberal west with more sunshine and more oil.

Without them ISIS would be rampant. All minorities in Iraq destroyed. And no ally available apart the Shia government in southern Iraq, whose persecution of Sunnis started it all.

Maybe Iraqi Kurdistan is the ally that the West have been looking for. And a better ally for the US than Israel?

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