Economic Populism vs Social Conservatism. Can the Warren Agenda resonate in the South?


One of the most enduring and written-about facts of American politics is the strange alignment of both parties.

Democrats are characterised by an economic agenda that favours the middle and working class & a liberal social agenda that is born of the urban elite. While the GOP preaches an economic policy that openly favours the wealthy coupled with a social agenda that has seduced the working people of America into supporting the GOP and at the same time an economic position that is 100% not in their interests.

This makes America completely unique in the world. Nowhere else do working class people repeatedly vote AGAINST their economic interests.

Social conservatism is the opiate of the American working class. Especially in the South which is the poorest part of the US. Take to Conservative Party in the UK – Economic policies that favour the wealthy, conservative social thinking and almost NO working class support as a result.

The Kryptonite to this GOP alliance of social conservatism and an agenda that favours the wealthy is economic populism. But to work well, this populism would need to be married to a social agenda that resonated with poor Southern Americans. Who are white.

This would be the social message of Jesse Helms or Rick Santorum or Palin married to the economic message of Elizabeth Warren.

A messaging DREAM TEAM of social conservatism and economic populism that MIGHT blow the politics of the South wide open.

Hello Huey Long.

The fact that Elizabeth Warren has been asked by conservative Dems in Kentucky and West Virginia to campaign for them is remarkable, in that she represents a social message repellant to southern voters.

But the long-shot Dem candidates there are hoping (desperately) that her social message (as well as firing up the base) will strike a chord with poorer people there. And it is working. A tiny bit. Warren’s liberalism hasn’t been highlighted as much as one would think, And she hasn’t been tarred and feathered. Yet.

It is very unlikely to work. But it shows the fault line in American politics. And how it could be blown wide open.

What if the Dem’s didn’t put up a candidate against the GOP in a Southern state? What if a socially conservative sort of Dem ran as an independent? Loudly voicing concerns about the ACA and marrying a libertarian (not Jesse Helms) sort of social agenda with a populist economic agenda where they shout and scream about how the 1% take all the money and poor kids can’t go to a proper school? Could that person win?

Could Jesse Ventura win in Louisiana?

If Elizabeth Warren put on a spandex jump suit and grew a mullet could she win in Mississippi?

These are the big questions of our time…







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