Redistricting can give you congress, but does it make it impossible to win the presidency?


I was wondering recently if, going forward, the very right wing congressional delegation and resultant very right wing ethos behind the party could make it eventually impossible to win the presidency.

In a GOP primary, any candidate from any party, except a behemoth, has to bow to the base and preach to the very very converted.

As the GOP gets more and more right wing, they move further and further away from the independent voters, women and minorities that they need to win.

This strategy may well yield them an almost permanent majority in congress, but make it harder and harder to win the presidency.

What will this mean for the senate? One can’t redistrict the senate, so as the population of the swing states gradually changes will the senate and the presidency slip away from the GOP?

It’s not rocket science. In fact it;s so basic a high schooler could figure it out. But for a fundamentalist that doesn’t matter. It’s better to be right (ha!) and lose than be wrong or compromise and win…

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