Will the Democrats blow it?


Okay so the Democrats now have an opportunity to become the governing party of the US. The GOP have done some serious short term damage to their brand and IF they move to the centre on a few key issues, the Democrats can become the party that Americans feel closest to.

But that’s a big IF.

Politicians have a BIG tendency to over-congratulate themselves and convince themselves that THEY have changed the way the ELECTORATE see the world. Instead what happens is that the electorate stays in roughly the same place and the PARTY that changes what it says and speaks to the majority of them is the winner. 

Basically the party that moves too far left or right of the roughly fixed position where the electorate is loses, and the one that speaks to more to centrist independents wins.

With the GOP moving so far to the right, those centrist voters are an easy easy target for the Dems. But the Dems can also blow it all by convincing themselves that they have done a great job of convincing voters that a Democrat-liberal-left-ish world view (like mine) is the right one, try to enact a bunch of liberal legislation and lose the support of these independents.

In short the GOP has loaded a (Go NRA!!) big gun, handed it to the Democrats and begged for death. Will the Democrats pull the trigger, or will they shout, do a funny dance, sing a nursery rhyme and drop the gun?

Let’s hope not, because the GOP have given them a once-in-a-generation opportunity here. Don’t blow it guys.

Remember that the electorate (in the short term) doesn’t move at all. Parties do.

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