Is There Truly A Center?

Very true. But it’s strange how both political parties fight the obvious idea that they can win power and govern effectively by adopting these centrist positions. They seem in love with the idea that the “secret majority” of voters silently shares the views of their party, and that they have somehow done a great job of convincing voters that they (the GOP or Dems) are 100% right.

I suppose we all believe that we are possessed of magical abilities and are super good at what we do. Politicians are no exception…

In Saner Thought

let’s talk about the mentality of the American voter…….some say we are a country of centrists….that there are very few in the Left column and few in the Radio talking heads Right and that the majority is trapped somewhere in the middle….centrists, if you will.

Who are these centrists/moderates/independents or whatever the title du jour may be?  In my mind centrists is about the best term to describe the voter….a recent survey published in Esquire magazine has a lot of info to digest……

At the center of national sentiment there’s no longer a chasm but a common ground where a diverse and growing majority – 51 percent  – is bound by a surprising set of shared ideas.

Pluralities believe that the political system is broken (49 percent), and the economy is bad (50 percent) and likely to stay that way a while (41 percent). Majorities fear another 9/11 or Boston-style…

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