The winner takes it all!!! Loser standing tall…

Well, as I speculated last week, it’s happened. The shut down fight has dragged on so long that it’s now merged with the Debt Ceiling fight to make one big, nasty, no-holes-barred, let’s-strip-to-the-waist and do this cage fight…

With the economy held hostage and voters getting ready to ascribe blame if it tanks, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

If the blame sticks to the GOP, they will be crippled for a generation.

If the Dems cop the fall-out, it seems congress will stay in GOP hands for the forseeable future and the Senate could go.

However, initial polling shows that the GOP is already getting more blame than Obama or the Dems. Perhaps this is just because of the likeability issue. Independents like Obama. And are thus less inclined to blame him. And they really really don’t like congress – a branch of gov’t that the GOP is unfortunate enough to hold right now.

But it’s a cuban missile crisis, mutually-assured destruction sort of face-off. Who knows what will happen. But right now a betting person would rather be in democratic shoes – nice comfy ones worn with slightly jazzy socks…

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