Obama Winning In A Landslide

The old Republican party is no longer with us. Which is sad. Even us Democrats can see that…

Leo McNeil

We’re in day three of the Federal government shutdown. How can it be that life has gone on the last three days without the Federal government? It seems the biggest problem has been the closing of a WWII Memorial in DC. The White House ordered it shut even though it knew a group of Veterans was planning to be there on Tuesday. Somehow the Federal government found the manpower to erect barricades but opening an otherwise unsupervised Memorial was out of the question. In other words, the closing was optics. It was meant to create the most inconvenience and outrage, hopefully in the direction of the Republicans in the administrations eyes.

The administration must have internal poll numbers that show the President isn’t looking so hot right now or perhaps show that people won’t care about the shutdown unless it negatively affects the economy. Yesterday Obama gave an interview to…

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