Continuing To Build The Case That The Tea Party Is Insane……

Here’s to the crazy crazy crazy ones…



Today I bring you Rep. Randy Neugebauer who as you can see above is proud to be Texas’ Most Conservative.  A man that feels like it’s Ok to berate a Park Ranger for doing her job by turning people away from National Monuments that are closed because of Randy and his Tea Party compatriots.  The best part; however, is that he runs away like a big pussy when confronted by others about the real problem…..(Thanks to Huffington Post for the article below)……

Congressman Castigates Park Ranger

For The Memorial Closure He Voted For

Day two of Government Shutdown 2013 offered America plenty of surreal moments, from the brief and ridiculous re-emergence of the Grand Bargain, to the sight of multiple members of a universally reviled governing body offering to give up their paychecks as if they thought it was a move worthy of a medal. But nowhere did Salvador Dali’s clocks warp and melt under…

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